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Hip Check's debut EP!


released May 7, 2015

Produced, mixed, and mastered by the one and only William Muir at The Sound Distillery in Kitchener, Canada.

Guitar/Vocals: Matt Burt
Vocals: Spencer Thompson
Bass: Bennett Cormier
Drums: Patrick D'Alessandro

Cover art: Spencer Thompson

Special thanks for Jason Royle for helping out on bass when needed and just being a total gem.



all rights reserved


Hip Check Kitchener, Ontario

Kitchener Pop Punk

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Track Name: Sinking Ships
I'm a ghost of good intentions,
Consider, if you will, the turmoil that causes.
How does it feel, guys?
You held on instead of cutting your losses.

Moral compass, more or less, nonsense in my eyes,
I'm beginning to think we're something special.
Here's to never growing up or being nothing at all.

And everyone's crawling like it's the last train out of town,
But trust me it's only starting here.
I know I'm selfish so I made a list of everybody's name except my own.
What I am these people are to whom I owe.

Think you're impressive?
Well, I've just been messing with ya.

Don't take my word for it, this ship was made to sink (hey hey hey)
I wouldn't watch you drown if I could get my head above the sea.

Thoughtful insight, inside my thoughts are full of spite.
Trial by fire, try all of me on for size.
My fault lies in all I've ever done was try.
It's high time I changed my priorities.

Mental fault lines strike across my mind,
Cracks in the foundation that are now my frailties.

I need a new state of mind.
Maybe I'll move to the states and leave all my friends.

Game over. I want to go home.
Track Name: When Low Ceilings Meet High Expectations
I've got some ends in my friends basement.
I had some plans but I guess that I won't make them.
Start this riot before time runs out.
It all tastes sweeter from here on out.
Talk to me when you need something 'cause I’m not here for love.
The fact of the matter is I’m trying too hard,
We've become too close for comfort, not far enough to avoid.

What's with you and your secrets?
You hide, I'll seek it.
Every line beneath my eyes is a testament to how I'd lie awake.
The stresses,  the messes we make.
A mistress, mysterious mistakes.
I'm caught up in your second hand thoughts.
Enough's enough,
I'm sick of it being this tough.

I wish I could say that you're missing out, but you are really not.
What did you think I was doing all this time?
The words were on the tip of my tongue.
And if you think I'll keep waiting then you are wrong.
'cause I will be the one that got away.

One day this will be paradise,
Turn up the comfort, turn down the lights.
I can't believe I'm not on your drunken mind,
Let me sleep in peace just this one time.
All your reasons support my regrets.
Every season leaves it's own secrets.
Fall into my arms,
This winter I'll win her, psych!

Half the fun is in hiding it,
Watch me closely until I slip.
Prove myself wrong,
This goes beyond all the nights I tried to change your mind.
Track Name: Parachute (Not Much Of One Of Those)
This girl must be crazy, I can just imagine what she's saying.
As long as she ignores his faults, he doesn't screen her calls.
This boy is a mess, learning all about the Lucifer effect.
He blames his lack of self control on finding copper in her gold.

Overlook the underlying.
Young love is so beguiling.
Broken hearts, still smiling.
At least they're still trying.

I'm not much of a parachute; more like a field if you feel like crashing.
I've been saying you're kinda cute, but I can't keep myself from lashing out.
Call him and calm him down.
The walls are meant for stalling out.
How could she know?
Maybe he should go.

This boy is crazy, I can't tell his thoughts are hazy.
Speech impaired and unaware.
He's not who he wants to be
This girl needs saving, all her feelings are changing.
What happened to the boy with the good intention?
Here's to settling for honourable mention.

Give it up for giving up.
Is this why they mean by tough love?
Get him bending over backwards.
Wanting him back shouldn't be this hard.

Friday night and they're both all alone.
Neither of them answering their phones.
He shows up at her door, flowers in hand, pride on the floor.
He says...
Track Name: We Turned South
I don't know where to go from here, but
It would be better with a bottle of beer.
To calm the nerves, to soothe the soul a bit,
To work out these imperfections in our bullshit.

I know we’ve got a lot on our plate.
We filled it up ‘cause it felt great.
What we shared was so damn fine.
Can't believe we were so blind.

The deafness in our eyes, the mute of our ears.
The blindness in our mouth, yeah we turned south.
We turned south.
When we heard our sighs, when then saw our fears.
We thought we headed north but we turned south.
We turned south.

Another swig of the cold fresh hop,
Another sing-a-long, another du-wop.
We killed all chances of a future for two.
You screwed me over, now look at you, I mean look at me, I'm a wreck, I’m a mess.
I'm in shambles cause of you, yeah I must confess.
The brew slides down one after one ridding the memories one by one.

You screwed me over.
We goofed it up.
A chance for self-discovery,
No chance for recovery.

And you cannot see what you have done.